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Its capacity to radiate in a lovely means on its own or play well with other scents makes it a must have for me. We purchased my first bottle of Hanae Mori edp on our honeymoon in ’02. The sales woman requested me what my favourite scents have been and after I informed her I wore cashmir by chopard it was recreation over. They odor so just like each other. HM for me is heavy candy vanilla, strawberry and almonds.

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My good friend wears it all the time and it does scent OK on her however not for me. I do consider that it has a magical effect upon one’s mind. AROMATICS ELIXIR epitomizes each luxurious and comfort.

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In my thoughts, Aromatics Elixir will all the time be synonymous and ingterchangeable with that beautiful chic girl who walked by me on the street. If you’re a kind of ladies, do not hesitate to wear this with abandon.
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” That is how I feel about this perfume. Many, many, many, uggghhhhh MANY moons ago, I assume I OD’d on this. They’ve every aged in another way – the juice in one is way darker and has gone thick, almost like an oil, while the other is a bit lighter, but not as thick. I tried the darker one yesterday and the opposite one right now, and while the darker one smells a bit sharp at opening, fortunately they scent much the same. I get the chamomile, the sandalwood, the incense and the jasmine straight up; natural, woody, candy – beautiful.

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I am going to play around with various lotions to layer this with. You may actually play up the vanilla, the berries, and even the woodsy facet of this scent.

With the identical unlucky results as the first time. Fate approached me once more recently when I inherited one other small bottle of this from a family member, and of course I thought of that woman on the street and how good she smelled. I’ve now officially given up wearing this, as much as I desperately want to.

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It is supposed to have a slight linger only. Oakmoss, oakmoss, oakmoss, love, love, love. Sherapop’s evaluation, pretty much, mirrors my exerience; When I first smelled this in 70’s, I thought it was just awful, however it was my aunt’s favorite, at least at that time. That preliminary whiff(and disgust) of it caught with me for over 30+ years.

It is a sweet, strawberry, almond/praline, barely floral oriental that is never heavy, and I always want to scent myself over and over after I have it on. I received this at and I saved a LOT of cash, simply FYI. It is good however not cloying and energetic without being frenetic. Usually fruity scents depart me rapidly however this one lingered pretty nicely throughout the day.

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I’m pondering I’ll should treat myself to a full bottle of this throughout the not too distant future. Welcome again, old good friend – I’ve missed you. I had this and simply couldn’t deal with it. Eventually I had to surrender attempting before I may even get by way of half of the bottle’s contents.

Aromatics Elixir Fragrance Reviews

I really feel persons are correct by saying that it embodies happiness. I feel it takes you to a spot of comfort and pleasure. Personally, this is not too sweet and overpowering. I really feel it’s nicely crafted and swish in its body.
I had a stunning childhood with great reminiscences so this fragrance has a spot in my heart and I actually have a large delicate spot for it because I was surrounded by this scent at the time. If you use an excessive amount of, it can trigger a large headache so, really, one spray is quite sufficient. Using in small doses is sufficient which is what a lot of people also say about my auntie lol but I love her never the much less and my love for this perfume is similar too. It’s so robust that it eliminates all of the odours which have built up over time. This isn’t the same old choice for a 23 year old, but I’m making an attempt to make myself go well with the fragrance but I suppose I look too juvenile for the second.
I was going to get the parfum but the EDP is a lot sturdy (and EDP’s last more as a result of they’ve less oils in them). I even have the EDT rollerball however it is VERY weak. So I would definitely suggest the EDP. I suppose that’s what I like about this.
I got a tiny bottle that was included in a Clinique giveaway and tried it on. I still did not just like the opening, which I now acknowledge as aldehyde/rose/chamomile. Those aldehydes are an actual boot in the head.
Oh pricey – have the identical problems with Aromatics Elixir as I do with Youth Dew – just too darn sturdy! The scent is kind of overpowering to me – I love orientals and would class this as an oriental rather than a chypre but I hate it!
I don’t get any sort of oriental dry down with this one, which was at first a disappointment. It stays very fruity and floral the entire time it’s on my pores and skin. This is a more mature fruity fragrance, one that doesn’t smell like tweens on the mall, but a woman in a lovely backyard. I received this hoping for a winter scent but it’s far better suited to spring time.
It’s smoky and sultry, spicy but in addition candy, snug and acquainted however shocking all on the similar time. I’ll be sporting this, having fun with the spiciness, then it changes and I get a stunning waft of sweetness drifting up with the spice. For some reason, it makes me consider a protracted, slinky, yellow-gold silk costume, with a dramatic V-neck with classic lace trim. I’ve by no means seen this gown before, but that’s what springs to mind.
It’s unique, outstanding, atmospheric, and memorable. I was sporting this perfume once I discovered I was pregnant with my first child, 17 years in the past. Even though I associated the scent with nausea for awhile afterward, now Aromatics Elixir is extremely particular to me. I love it almost as a lot as I love Clinique Wrappings (and I actually, really love Wrappings). Clinique fragrances actually changed their effects with the arrival of Happy.

  • It feels cool due to the oakmoss and clary sage, however heat as properly due to the sandalwood and incense.
  • They’ve each aged in another way – the juice in one is way darker and has gone thick, almost like an oil, while the other is a bit lighter, but not as thick.
  • Many, many, many, uggghhhhh MANY moons ago, I suppose I OD’d on this.
  • I get the chamomile, the sandalwood, the incense and the jasmine straight up; natural, woody, sweet – lovely.
  • ” That is how I really feel about this fragrance.

Those of us who like to smell like attractive, the-world-is-mine PERFUME quite than shampoo or laundry detergent, will at all times thank Clinique for Aromatics Elixir. It has a wonderful, lengthy lasting scent. I can odor it on my jackets and my automotive for days. Nor does it scent sporty like Clinique’s different fragrances.
However, people both love or hate this fragrance. This perfume may be very strong, just one spray is needed. Anything more it’ll odor too overpowering.
It’s not too strong and by no means gives me a headache. This by far is my favorite fragrance I own, and my favourite fragrance of all time.
It reminds me of blooming flowers and trees. The main notes I smell are rose, strawberry and patchouli. That feels like an overblown mixture however in this they are very subdued. The initial spray does odor far too candy and obnoxious however the dry down is very refined and pretty. I even have the EDP and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
As mentioned beneath please don’t spray this in your clothes. Spray it out of the shower on skin only. 1 spray will take you thru the complete day. And in case your lucky enough to have the chemistry to carry this perfume it’ll work absolute wonders for you. The fragrance smells disgusting first spray.

I make some extent of preserving this, and my other fragrances out of direct daylight and in a cooler room. I put on it frequently as a result of it will go dangerous if left to sit round for long periods. After I whereas I stopped grabbing it once I would pick a fragrance for the day.
The rest of us wish we could possibly be you. Secondly this was my Mothers favourite scent. She would go very sparingly and the lovely aroma stayed along with her all day. I can’t explain how lovely this scent was together with her physique chemistry but it emitted the most beautiful faint but very current aroma that I even have never quite smelled on anybody else.
Longevity is excellent and the silage is heavy for the primary hour then I’d say its delicate. My husband loves it as soon as it dress down. I like to open my closet door and nonetheless be capable of smell it on my clothes. At the time I did not notice that sniffing the cap is not an efficient method to sample a fragrance.
A beautiful young woman strolled past me within the mid 1980’s and I HAD to ask her what scent she was carrying! She advised me Clinique Aromatics Elixir. I obtained my first bottle that Christmas and it has been a staple fragrance on my vainness for years. I will say that a number of years ago my husband gave me a bottle that he purchased at Macy’s and it went unhealthy rapidly.
The drydown is a beautiful, wealthy, deep patchouli-oakmoss that is fairly totally different from hippie scents in that it has a fairly soapy edge to it. The drydown may take about an hour to kick in, however once it does, it lasts all day for me. I cannot think of some other fragrance that has this a lot sillage and longevity. Throughout the day I catch the scent and it does certainly have that fabled aromatherapy effect for me. This is the kind of perfume that makes lifelong perfume lovers.
This melancholy perfume bomb is stuffed with drying and useless citrus and decaying greenery. To say it’s a perfume bomb might be an understatement. It has balls and isn’t too shy to indicate you the way massive puffco peak atomizer single they’re. But she’s intoxicating and draws you in. To name Aromatics a lady could also be incorrect as a result of she’s a baffling gender bender and I imagine a truly unisex perfume.

Even one spritz is enough to fill a room, even if it would not appear that robust to YOU. I would never wear this to a restaurant or on an airplane. However, I even have been recognized to put on it grocery buying in the course of winter underneath my heavy, fake fur coat. Sweet vanilla fruity floral combo, not very complicated, more on a linear aspect, it stays sweet and strong on a regular basis, little boring, but has superb longevity, hours and hours. I find this scent to be timeless, elegant and gorgeous.
Then in the future, I handed a very fashionably stylish, lovely young lady on the road, and I inadvertently received a whiff of her fragrance. It smelled unimaginable and I knew I recogized it. dankstop crystal ball to pillar perc sidecar bong was the heart of the perfume that I loved, that got here out so fantastically on her. I thought to myself “must do this once more”, so I did.
I am beginning to understand that scent is subjective, and no two folks will have the identical reactions to smells, and I think that is stunning. I don’t imply any offense to those that love this smell, as a matter of truth, more power to ya. I first got a small bottle of this ages in the past as a part of a present with purchase. It was my first experience with a chypre scent.

To confuse things more, you could odor her brother Aramis 900 and resolve which you feel is the most stereotypically masculine—my vote goes to Aromatics. I love how offensive this fragrance dankstop 45 8 arm tree perc ashcatcher is to some. I love that people say it is just for old girls. I love that individuals warn you to spritz and stroll through the fragrance cloud.
When I first began sporting it I might smell all of the delicous warm smokey berry notes that drew me in to start with. Later on all I may scent was vanilla, vanilla and more vanilla lol.
I nonetheless have slightly sample which I put on often but my giant bottle was given to my bestie who’s obsessed with it. Anyway, give it a strive if you haven’t already. ;’) I plan to try the Eau Fraiche which can be extra to my liking. You need to put on this a couple of instances to appreciate this.
Then, a number of years in the past I was given a partial bottle of it by a woman who, probably, could not handle it and had it sitting on her dresser for a few years. Upon discovering that the kind pen ccell 510 tank was a perfume addict, she could not wait to get it to me. Now thoughts you, my nostril, perfume aesthetics and fragrance yocan evolve c vaporizer pen vocabulary had matured by the this time and I eagerly acquired it with open arms so as to give it another likelihood. At the primary spritz from the little frosted bottle of pre-reformulated Aromatics Elixer, I was smitten. Like Sherapop, I hold this for indoor, personal pleasure.

I tried it on test strips, then on my wrist a few times before ordering a bottle, and test strips do not do this justice. I’m still combined concerning the high notes on this although. Something about the preliminary spray reminds me of a sprig cleanser or chemical odor, but fortunately this disappears nearly instantly. After a couple of minutes I think I odor recent blueberry or contemporary strawberry, nevertheless it doesn’t flip floral to me at any level. To me the fruit notes aren’t candy-jam-like fruit smells both.
However after I smell this I am assaulted with a robust powder smell that’s saturated in sugar. I want my nostril might interpret this scent as fantastically as others seem to.
I can keep in mind many instances being out with her and other people arising and asking what fragrance was she wearing – genuinely wanting to buy for themselves. I sprayed a contact of my new version on my hand and after about an hour I consider I am getting the identical beautiful aroma coming from me.
Wearing it is like being wrapped in piles of cashmere on a frosty winter day. Author Bio

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As Featured in reality I like it so much that this past vacation season I bought the particular version flower-embossed bottle, which, it turns out, is produced in Switzerland, not the United States. Both formulations odor and wear splendidly on me, and I believe that this perfume is significantly better than lots of of niche offerings at two, three, and even four times the value. My auntie wore this all the time after I was a baby and I did not hate it however I simply knew the scent and that it smelled like her.
It feels cool because of the oakmoss and clary sage, however warm as nicely due to the sandalwood and incense. I love that combination of warm and cool – like being wrapped up all snug and warm in winter, but feeling a lovely cool breeze on your face. It’s another a type of perfumes that might be too much because of the entire totally different notes, but it’s not, and that’s clearly all the way down to the talent of the one who created it.

What lastly sucked me into liking that is the beautiful vanilla-ish dry down. It’s feminine, warm, and just candy enough with out being obnoxious. I assume the ylang-ylang actually makes this scent, and keeps it from turning right into a sticky vanilla berry mess. One might wear this scent any time, anywhere. I actually have the EDP, and wish it lasted a bit longer.
I don’t get an impression of it being made cheaply and with out care. It does bum me out somewhat that some individuals name this scent generic, considering it’s older than lots of perfumes that scent nearly related. Yet I digress since everyone has their very own opinion. Mine is that I will never stay with out this beautiful scent.
I’m a forty four 12 months old man and I put on Aromatics full power, especially after I’m feeling particularly introspective and melancholy. And a couple of sprays of this on the sheets before I climb into bed and I drift off to sleep wrapped in the lavatech high flyer hard case e nail kit dying citrus forrest. The Aramis version may be had for a 3rd of the worth so if you’re on the lookout for a softer much less expensive various, have at it.
This is a type of that needs about quarter-hour to remodel and it’ll if on your skin. After 15 or so minutes it is a completely different story. That preliminary sharp horrible scent takes on a deeper gentler sexiness. Over spraying does a huge disservice to the fragrance and those round you.